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If you need a fixed roof or you want a new roof, you have to choose the right roofing company. Waterproofing Contractors Cape Town has successfully installed new roofing systems for more than 24 years. Our roofing experts have experience in managing all work from private homes to small and large businesses.

Don’t trust a cheap home or business roofing company. Bad roof instillation or repairing can cost your road tens of thousands of dollars. At Claremont Roofing we are excited to see our work for the first time. True peace of mind when hiring a licensed, connected, loyal customer roofing company for many years.

No single-size fit-all roofing system is available for industrial buildings. If you choose a roofing system for your industrial building, additional criteria like the tower length, the roofing area and whether you have appliances such as a HVAC will be considered.

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Asphalt Shingles

The earlier we know what causes the leak, the better it is. There are numerous different roofing techniques and not all bad roots will repair them correctly. Call experts from Claremont Roofing and you can believe the work is done correctly.

Sooner or later, any house must call for a new roof as a landlord, you’re worried about the cost of buying a new roof. Nevertheless, the benefits of redecorating the house can be greater than the cost in many cases.

A new roof will boost your home’s look and quality. In reality, with so many different roofing materials, we find the perfect roof for your budget.

You have to choose the right material for your space when it comes to the restoration of a commercial building. Nonetheless, we at Claremont Roofing feel that we have time to inform our customers of the various roofs ‘ advantages and disadvantages.

An inexpensive roofer can easily try to fit any roofing material. First of all, you can save high energy costs from the EDPM roof and lightweight spray foam.

The roof can last decades, but extreme conditions can last for years in Cape Town, our winters are mild compared to the rest of the world. Asphalt shingles are a great alternative to costly roofs. For many years you can keep this kind of roof very little.

Metal Roofing

While metal roofing is not the same it could be a good price steel roofing offers good capacity, reduced longevity and unpredictable benefits. A metal roof is resistant to a number of factors and leads to different appearances.

It can be more expensive and durable than other roofing materials. Your steel roof can be easily built and maintained with minimal maintenance for up to 50 years.

Steel roofing in a variety of colors and styles is offered. A metal roof can be the way for property owners to make an important point. Since the metal roofing is so versatile, it is produced in various designs, the product is genuinely special.

Cape Town is the Best in the Industry

Steel roofing is highly robust and not only visually appealing. Not all extreme weather earthquakes and floods are a metal roof.

Slate roofing is one of the highest quality roofing materials, a slate roof that immediately maximizes the appeal of the building.

Not only is the natural stone material exceptional, it is also very durable. Once properly constructed, the slate tile roof will happily last up to 100 years.

We agree that our professional roofing workers are among the best in the industry. Please contact Waterproofing Contractors Cape Town today for a free consultation in Cape Town.

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