40 Years of Experience

Roofing Specialists Cape Town has have over 40 years of experience in the building of roofs, roofing maintenance, roofing repair in Cape Town. From the simple detection of a leaked roof to the application of the necessary remedies to the design and construction of a totally fresh roof.

We handle all types of roof from flat roof, cement roof, slab and tile roof, shingle roof, pitched roofs and balconies. We repair and renovate your roof in no moment to make you look new, offering superior service and cost-effective results.

We offer a complete service for all Cape Town roof renovations. We can actively restore your ancient, tired or broken roof in no moment to its former glory so as to solve problem regions, leaks and broken tiles.

We solve your roofing problems

At Roofing Specialists Cape Town, our specialists are on call rapidly to assist solve the problem and prevent further harm to your roof, wood and overlay.

All kinds of roofs including tile, slate, IBR rooftops, corrugated roofs, perspex roof, shingles, iron and concrete roofs are covered. No work is too large for our professional roofer team.

It is essential to detect a leak in your roof or other issue that affects your overall roof structure. Even the slightest leak or hole, broken bolt, tile or slate, if correctly treated, can cause important and expensive harm.

We can arrange a periodic maintenance agreement and regularly inspect your roof, fix any regions of trouble or concerns before it is too late.

If you need a fresh roof entirely, we can help. We will work with you from planning and design to construction. To determine your exact requirements from beginning to end and to ensure the quality of the project is built on time and on budget.

Roof insulation is necessary to provide a comfortable atmosphere in our homes or offices but it also functions as a waterproofing device and helps to eliminate moisture within your roof cavity and walls.

We can supply and adapt the suitable Cape Town roof insulation to ensure that your property is code-friendly, secure and convenient.

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