Claremont Roofing specialists cape town  has the ability to install tiles, shingles and flat roofs in accordance with the exacting standards required by the manufacturers ‘ recommendations. We are licensed and insured, providing their clients with exceptional customer service and dignity at all times. As part of their commitment to providing the best possible product, they give a written estimate, a written promise, and will pull all the necessary permits for the job.

We provide corporate and residential roofing services. All-round roofing services are provided by our contractors. We include roof repairs, roof building, roof cleaning, roof inspections, and more. We may fix and construct all kinds of roofs, including metal roofs, flat roofs, shake roofs, cedar roofs, and asphalt shingle roofs.

If your roof is significantly damaged and the repair of the roof is removed. It would be the two options to re-roof (install a new roof over the old one) or cover this entirely (remove the old roof and install a new one). And If your current roof has one layer and the roof deck is in good shape, re-roofing could be a choice. If your roof has two sheets, it should be fixed in most cases and probably needed.

Our roofing specialists cape town can safely and effectively install the new roof. 

Over the years, the technology has improved significantly, a dramatic increase in system design has occurred. And the range of products is broader than ever before. Through all this, the company has become one of the leading commercial roofing contractors.

You can be sure of our thousands of satisfied customers. By cleaning your roof clean, you extend the life of your roof and further protect your property. The roofing system is continually pressured by water, wind, and rain. Do not wait until the roof leaks–be responsible for your building with our repair and maintenance services. If your roof has been repaired or replaced, a guarantee has already been issued to you. Throughout the summer, as in winter, before and after severe weather seasons, inspections should be carried out.

Claremont roofing specialists is a skilled, efficient and honest full-service roofing company. We carry out roof repair new roof installations, re-roofing and rain gutter repair and construction.

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