Does your roof need a new fresh appearance? Roof Painting Cape Town can help! We include roof paintings with concrete tile roofs Metal and Zincalume roof sheets, IBR & Corrugated roof sheets, Clay asbestos roof sheets. Renovating your roof with a new painting cover often adds value to your house, protects it against the sun. And when quality products are being used, the roof is used to protect your home from the rain.

If the outside of your home looks a little weathered, you may want to think about giving your roof a fresh coat of paint. Historically, terra cotta and brown shades are the most common. But now there are more choices than ever with all the new paints on the market.

A fresh paint coat doesn’t just spray your roof–most paints do offer protection for your roof for longer periods. The paint has alternating protective layers to prevent leakage and cover the house. Such special paints require qualified and experienced technicians to introduce them. A task which is definitely best left to the professionals.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Is Just What Your Roof Needs!

We deliver professional roof painting here at Roof Painting Cape Town! A wide range of roofing equipment is competitively priced. And our professional technicians can take care of all your roofing needs from start to finish.

Airless roof painting can be achieved before painting the roof. The surface is prepared using industrial spinning balls and, if necessary, manual cleaning with high-pressure washing. Specialized anti-fiction therapy is then extended to all tiled and porous surfaces. Specialized primers are added depending on the type of substratum. A minimum of two roof paint coats is applied by airless spray. To ensure a smooth, even thickness of the film.

Our airless spray system is suitable for vertical covering, walls, and ceilings. For retail stores, shopping centers, plants, and warehouses. By using airless spray paint instead of conventional painting techniques, bigger interior and exterior surfaces could reduce the time spent on this project. Up to 80%, which makes it more cost-efficient than traditional painting methods.

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