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Roof Painting Cape Town

Why paint your roof when you like its original colour? Why paint your roof in general? Simple; painting your roof can bring about a whole lot of benefit when done right and with the right paints and equipment. From paints that help increase the reflective properties of metal roofing to paints made to aid in waterproofing flat roofs, there is a roof paint Cape Town for you to fix any issue your roof might have.

We offer our clients premium roof painting Cape Town at affordable prices. We guarantee it’ll wow you in both appearance and potency, increasing the value of your property or home at the same time.

Can Only Certain Roofs Be Painted?

No, any roof can be painted but when roof painting Cape Town, it is important to remember that not all paints work with all roofing. It is also good to know how you can and are willing to spend. 

An example can be made of water-based roofing paints. While they would work great with cement or stone tiled roofs and shingled roofs, we wouldn’t recommend it for any metal roofs or if you collect rainwater for drinking. If you do, we recommend consulting an expert before implementing any roof painting Cape Town.

Oil-based roof paints are well suited for collecting rainwater, but they do not work well with cement/ shingled roofing. Rather, they work excellently with metal or iron-based roofing, through we once recommend that the roof be thoroughly examined before roof painting Cape Town begins.

Need a roofing expert you know you can trust? Need a new roof or repairs done quickly and efficiently? Then look no further than us, the best in all things roofing and roofing related topics. From installation to restoration to roof painting Cape Town, roofing has never been better or easier for our clients. Leave your details online or call us today and get a free quote!

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