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We manufacture and supply paving bricks, kerbs, and wall blocks for retention. In addition to being built in thousands of homes, paving, kerbs and retaining wall blocks can be seen at numerous landmarks and significant commercial and industrial developments throughout South Africa. Our reputation has made us the largest and best known brick paving contractor in South Africa, but it has not diminished our individual service and attention to detail on every job. The workers are well educated, highly motivated and attentive. We hire the best in the industry and give them ongoing training to ensure competence in this fast-growing market.

Also tested materials are used with the highest industry standards. We know that every installation represents both our own image and that of our customers. In many cases your house is your most treasured possession, and your driveway is included in your property’s value. Your investment in paving should however be important to your home’s value. If you own an expensive luxury home, this should be reflected in your driveway and if your home is in the middle price bracket, choose a more cost-effective paving style so as not to spend too much.

Using a reputable and professional paving company is vital to assist you right from the start of your paving project, so you can optimize the capital value and add to your home the visual appeal of your new driveway paving. Claremont Roofing, a Paving Company Claremont has many years of experience in paving driveways and all of our paving experts are highly trained to assist you in your paving driveway project.

Paving Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing-Cape Town paving professionals

We do not believe any project would affect the quality of our goods and services. To this end, we use only the most affordable products of high quality that best suits the needs of our customers. We support paving requirements. We at Claremont Roofing make it a cost-effective one for paving needs. This is only the first step toward winning a project or tender on our journey. At Claremont Roofing, the Paving Company Claremont experts, our final move is to reach our deadline and keep our customers updated every step of the way. We have our services on the west limit to the surrounding areas.

We aspire to expand and create job opportunities, and return the skilled and unemployed to the community; train and educate our workers. Just like the classic beauty of a tile, everything highlights your home’s architecture and grounds. Each Paving installation we provide is designed to fit the look and feel of your home. As one of the industry leaders we are experts in making your patio, walkway, greenhouse, surrounding lake, driveway or entrance an envy of your home and neighbours.

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