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You need to find a licensed and insured  Painting Company Claremont contractor to ensure they have the professional services you need and deserve. Here at Claremont Roofing we are trained in delivering only those kinds of support. We are dedicated to delivering reliability, quality work and world-class customer love. Which means you will be granted peace of mind by Claremont Roofing. You’ll know our trained, skilled house painters made the right choice and commitment to superior outcomes. We guarantee a reasonable price for professional, successful workers. We’re here to help!


When you’re a business owner, your customers look for a clean, fresh look that is attractive which helps you to retain and increase them . Buildings and offices decorated by a professional painting company have an indoor companies reputation for efficiency, making them more appealing to prospective customers. Also providing the right commercial painting service is important for their company’s well-being. When you are hiring a painting contractor for your home or company, you know that you have a lot of different things to consider. 


Our expertise includes both the design and construction of brand new paving, as well as the repair and refurbishment of existing brick, mortar, cobble and flagstone paving, or simply the cleaning and sealing. For driveways, parking areas, carports, ponds, patios, gardens & courtyards, walkways, sidewalks, and porches, we install paving. A firepit, or braai, adds a nice touch to the patio and we also design and build those.

Painting Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing-Cape Town painting professionals

If your preference is for modern paving, a futuristic look, a classic paving design, or even a more traditional paving style, with a professional paving installation, we can customize the space you want to pave while taking into consideration how much you want to spend in the project. This is accompanied by the actual installation that is driven by proper paving site management and excellent quality control to track workmanship performance and make sure you have a paving installation that highlights your home. The paving is the first image they get of your property as people arrive at your house–something you don’t want to leave to chance.


Longevity is one of the most important paving project criteria and is not negotiable. Nevertheless, a costly device poorly installed will not last a year, a cheaper system properly and correctly installed will last decades. Our commercial and industrial paving services give you a hands-on, turnkey and tailor-made paving design and construction solution for your particular project. Choose a Painting Claremont contractor like Claremont Roofing and we will make sure you are not disappointed and walk away with no regrets.

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