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“Whether you are planning a new project, redesigning your home or office space, Claremont Roofing are here for you as your Flooring Specialist from start to finish”. From soft and luxurious to hard wearing and durable. Carpeting is a flooring staple in the industry and with so many choices, we can help you find the right carpet for your needs. Raised access flooring panels are supported by a steel under structure to a prescribed height depending on the desired void. The wear surface is normally a high pressure laminate covering which is durable and easy to maintain. Rubber flooring has a very popular and attractive matting with round circular stud pattern design and anti-creep back pattern.

Suitable for loose lay or fixed applications. We are known for our personal and professional service and strive to ensure that all existing and new clients receive nothing less from us” The quality of our products is the foundation for our guarantee and this is what instills confidence in our customers. Our products undergo a stringent quality control process that includes testing with advanced analytical equipment in a dedicated testing centre. This guarantees that our products comply with or exceed industry standards with a 100% pass rate.  In the world of industrial flooring we seek to be the first in size, coverage, market share, quality, value creation, innovation, expertise.

Flooring Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing-Cape Town Flooring professionals

The Flooring Claremont Company, Claremont Roofing, not only reflects the industrial floors we create, but also our approach to business.  We empower our international teams to work together in a flexible, responsive structure, ensuring swift and direct service for clients. Our vision serves as the guide for every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Contact Claremont Roofing and make an appointment with our specialists in Flooring Claremont today. Economic, durable and functional ceramic tiles are among the tiles most picked, mostly due to the variety of styles and finishes they offer. A texture similar to stone and earthy colors create a moist atmosphere. A plus: its texture provides us with a maintenance floor which is non-slip and simple. The motives are almost infinite, ranging from abstract arabesque to geometric figures, and constitute true works of art. Smooth, pastel or saturated colors are also available; potential combinations are infinite, it is up to you.

Furthermore, another advantage of hardwood floors is how incredibly hard this flooring is. Since this flooring option is so solid and durable, you don’t have to worry about the dents or scratches that occur in the aftermath, regardless of something heavy hitting the floor. There’s a lot of hardwood flooring to enjoy. Improve your time and money working with the best in the industry at Claremont Roofing. Our specialists are qualified to manage all your hardwood flooring needs; our team will do it, whether it is restoring, refinishing, painting or installation.

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