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Proper service is difficult to find in Cape Town. But with  Electrical Claremont experts, Claremont Roofing Company,  is redesigning. We want your overall relationship with us to go beyond your standards. Our goal is to make sure you’re pleased that you’ve entrusted and chosen our team. So take our word for it. Through several years of service, hundreds of satisfied clients made us a proud recipient of the Communities Best Electrical claremont Servicing Company in Cape Town. You’ll be a customer that’s full of reassurance.


We have a wide variety of electrician services available, whether you want to install a new light fixture, a new electrical panel / circuit breaker box or rewire your entire house. We can fix or install for you any electrical appliances, including installation of aluminum or cloth-coated electrical wire, new electrical connections, smoke alarms, custom lighting, television, telephone and electrical computer cable, etc.. Our trained electricians will ask you a few questions and then we’ll give you our expert advice.


We believe that this is important to our success, and in every employee and supplier we are searching for it. We are committed to providing our clients with an unparalleled service level that meets all existing safety regulations. Our reputation as Western Cape Licensed Electricians was (and still is) founded on good customer relationships and most of our business comes from customer referrals. The organization is dedicated to world-class and uncompromising customer care and implementation, including offering constructive support including helping workers recognize the priorities of the organization.

Electrical Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing-Cape Town electrical professionals

We respond to our customers ‘ ever-changing needs and preferences, and use the most new technologies and innovations to establish successful working practices. Claremont Roofing is your Electrical Claremont experts committed to quality and consistency in terms of workmanship and efficiency, aiming to ensure full satisfaction of its customers. Our workforce is actively engaged in training programs that allow personal development within the company systems. No matter the size and scope of the project, we are completely committed to excellent quality.

As a business with its roots deeply rooted in South Africa, as part of our dedication to developing South Africa into a world-class country and economy on the Continent and internationally, we believe and aspire to offer quality workmanship to all our clients. Are customized to the customer’s electrical demands. We design and build commercial electrical systems taking into account customer specific requirements. Today, electrical installations are necessary not only to meet the needs of each project but also to take into account the effect on a pressurized resource. As such, we concentrate on renewable energy and their commercial application

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