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Claremont Roofing is a specialist organization for drywall, furniture, and office repairs. Our services are provided to corporate customers, homeowners and building contractors alike. We have all the expertise and skills available to provide you with a practical solution that will fulfill your vision and aesthetic needs. We will turn our clients concepts into functional office or room space that will be handled on your behalf by our project management team. In the greater Cape Town area we specialize in turnkey office space and architecture. We plan, carry out the actual office renovations / refurbishments, their installation and their project management.

We give you professional workmanship, value-for-money and personal customer service with our team of professionals and committed staff. Drywall partitioning: we mount this with optional insulation that is built into the wall cavity. Insulation should soundproof the air, keeping the air warm in winter and cool in summer. Drywall optimized for fire: minimizes the chance of fire. Our supplier is having problems with a fire-rated certificate with approved construction process. Drywall ceilings: house choices are a common option. The customers mount ceilings for a sleek look with down lighters.

It goes much further into drywall repair than the average South African homeowner knows. Our team at Drywalling Claremont, the Claremont Roofing Company provides comprehensive services about regular drywall partitioning and ceiling installations in Western Cape. We will take all our customers ‘ designs and requirements from concept to functional interior space, within budget, on schedule and with your heartfelt interest. In Western Cape we provide comprehensive facilities relating to traditional drywall partitioning and ceiling installations. Claremont Roofing is working tirelessly to discover new products, fresh ideas and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Drywalling Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing-Cape Town drywalling professionals

That tiny hole, which seems easy to fix, can easily transform your wall into a huge, unsightly bulge. Smoothing out can be difficult, and hiding can be almost impossible. Rather than handling all of these maintenance problems on your own, just let Claremont Roofing do the job for you. This is an particularly valuable service for those who still want interior painting completed. Until repainting you want to make sure that the walls are in the best possible condition.

You can do so much with your drywall, particularly over time. And yet from the moment you begin moving in, the walls and ceilings are in danger. The walls are likely to get some dings and marks from the start when moving heavy furniture and boxes around them. Our job is to make them look good again like new ones, if not better. So let us show you just how much room you still have inside your home by improving the overall look.

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