At Roofing Cape Town all the crews in all areas of roofing installation and reparation are highly skilled and qualified. We know how to use delicate ceiling materials like: clay, slate and concrete tiles without damaging the roof area. We bring power and equipment to every project to get the job done the first time.

Our business services range from small businesses to major King and country projects. For a roofing company, business projects pose some of the biggest challenges. Heating / AC units, air lines and piping for example. Since all these barriers prevent a roof from being water-tight / wind-proof to protect its investments. At Claremont Roofing we have the experience and expertise to install quality roofing, which ensures that commercial roofing of all types is met or exceeded successfully.

We’re In A League Of Our Own

Roofing Cape Town quality of service exceeds all our competitors. Our roofs are designed for homeowners who build a dream home and reputable local entrepreneurs who build whole neighbourhoods. Claremont Roofing has had a number of possibilities to work with the highly reputable contractors in Cape Town every year. Each N / C project is different and only deserves the best services.

A wide range of high quality roofing products are available on the roof market. This process can be overwhelming as a homeowner / owner. In this period, we will guide all our clients from the start (selection of the right re-roofing material) to the end, when all roofing is complete and complete. The protection of your homes (landscape, rubble, siding, roads, equipment etc.) as always practiced to protect your exterior. Our standard7-year one-time work guarantees on all re-roofing projects support all workmanship.

Contact us now for our quality roofing services, whether for repairs or installations, we can do it all in the best possible way.

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