You realized, for instance, that you had to clean up every water-proof layer. In addition, cape town waterproofing renders the surface liquid-resistant or repellent and requires different solutions depending on whether you are using wood such as teak or stone or a concrete pool deck. So obviously you have to be confident that you’re working with someone who understands the nature of different surfaces and what it takes to approach sealing.

 A high-quality waterproofing and caulking machine supplier. For hot and cold applications, we are specialized in waterproofing coatings and membranes as well as various high-grade sealants for all types of exterior applications. Our highly qualified group is willing to answer any questions you may have about your residential or commercial waterproofing needs. Each job we do is given the same level of expertise and attention to detail, whether it is a garage or pool deck for a commercial building or a planter repair for a residential building.

cape town waterproofing

We firmly believe that each of our customers deserves the highest level of customer service and workmanship, this belief has led us to become one of the most successful contractors for wateproofing. Your happiness is our first priority. Each design is supervised by a supervisor assigned to oversee the entire painting process from start to finish. Your Job Site Manager will educate you on the progress of your task, answer your questions and resolve your concerns.


Roof Coatings Our roof coatings were specifically designed to protect the roof from heat, water, hail and rain damage–years after we’ve applied them. We are working diligently to install this waterproofing membrane smoothly so that you are left with a clean look and coverage of results.

cape town waterproofing can provide a simple, effective application process in the form of a spray-on foam to provide you with the protection you want. Because this application of foam allows us to control the thickness, we can provide a water run-off system that protects the building from exposure to water.

Modified roofing The modified roofing comes in a wide range of types to provide you with the waterproofing you need so you can find one that suits your needs and budget.

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