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Claremont Roofing, the Cabinet Making Claremont experts believe that human touch and a handmade approach enables us to create items that only the most advanced technology is unable to produce. Wherever possible, we stick to time-honored joinery techniques and reduce our reliance on equipment, while allowing the materials to shine through the natural authenticity. We like to think that the parts that we make pay tribute to the magnificent trees that are giving our cause their timber.

Carpentry is a professional trade in which the primary work accomplished is to cut, shape and mount building materials during the construction of houses, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc. Carpenters have historically dealt with natural wood and do the rougher work like painting, but today many other materials are often used and even the finer cabinet-making and furniture-building sector is called carpentry.

Following the recent devaluation of the South African currency, in most cases, furniture imports have become prohibitively priced, triggering the need for high-quality, stylish furniture manufactured locally. The challenge is to deliver a comprehensive solution within the furniture industry across a wide range of contemporary and traditional products, and bundled services to optimize customer requirements satisfaction. These can range from turnkey to different divisions of the project, including interior decoration, architecture, manufacturing and installation. Customer service and full solution form the backbone of our business.

We provide a professional, tightly oriented design service that meets each client’s particular needs, whether it’s an architect, interior designer or home owner. Every year we perform a small number of selected tasks requiring intensive customer service and close attention to detail. 

In our fully equipped woodworking facility, we manufacture all the elements of your project, distribute them carefully, oversee the installation process if necessary and provide all-inclusive after sales service. 

Cabinet Making Company Claremont

Claremont Roofing -Cape Town Cabinet making professionals

The company comprises a fully staffed team of professional cabinet makers and designers who are helping clients achieve their dream. In furniture and cabinet building the company also provides workshops, sketches and concept drawings across its market spectrum. Claremont Roofing Cabinet Making Claremont Contractors has everything you need to build a wardrobe, kitchen or fridge for any project. 

We are a full-service business for contractors, architects, decorators, designers, and cabinet manufacturers, from designing and producing the entire project to decorative and hardware accessories. Most companies contractors can do more than just new kitchen cabinets. Depending on their previous construction experience, the best cabinet makers will be in a position to know the exact storage needs around the home and suggest custom cabinetry elsewhere.

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