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We conduct all necessary field measurements and offer the shop drawings for review and approval before manufacturing. Our design efforts have always concentrated on Aluminum Window Company Claremont with doors that can stand up to Cape Weather and create an esthetic that fits your style or supports it. Marketing experts are working with you to select suitable fenestration items to explore the advantages of energy conservation, quick installation and long-term maintenance over other brands.

We’re special, since both designers and installers are our own exclusive products. Both our products are made to order according to our customers ‘ project requirements. We do everything from high end residential buildings to large-scale industrial structures, from landmarks to new homes. Claremont roofings immense experience helps us to fulfill the most stringent demands while maintaining the industry’s highest levels of performance and esthetics. We deliver a distinct, vertically integrated approach for planning, producing, implementing and executing custom solutions for all types of projects. For generations, we are proud to draw on our multi-generational patrimony of art, craftsmanship and service.

Claremont roofing has custom designs, they produce and install aluminum windows and doors, design and mirrored toilets, frameless glass doors, partitions and balustrades, shop fronts and a host of other items requested by both architects and owners, ensuring that we meet our customers ‘ required esthetic and functional requirements. Our Team specializes in the custom design and manufacture of Frameless Showers, Frameless Stacking Doors and Frameless Doors and Partitions.

Aluminum Window Company Claremont

Aluminum Window Company Claremont -Cape Town Aluminium window professionals

All we deliver is a personal touch–a dedication to excellent service and items like our aluminum windows second to none. Our aluminum windows are only made for you, exactly as you need them. We believe in working together to create beautiful architectural solutions–that’s why we are proud to work closely with the property’s Architect, Contractor and Owner to ensure our aluminum windows add a personal touch to your overall architectural design that is visually appealing and practical.

Aluminum windows are demanding costlier alternatives to timber and PVC. Energy savings can outweigh initial energy consumption by well over 100 times over the lifespan of a building aluminum windows. Homes that use electric heating or home cooling will benefit from up to 300-fold savings. Aluminum’s corrosion-resistant properties include a low maintenance frame and are weather-resistant in a variety of harsh conditions. Like many other materials, over time it won’t swell, crack, break or warp; ensuring extended product life. Contact claremont roofing now, the best aluminium window supply and fit company.


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